Lee On The Issues

In Congress, Lee has one primary goal: to reduce the size of government while protecting our individual liberties and preserving our traditional north Georgia values.  As a state Senator, Lee has been a strong voice for conservatives working to protect the values of faith, family, freedom and life.


Georgia deserves a leader who does more than just promise to fix health care.  As a practicing dentist for more than 30 years, Lee is the only candidate who has been on the front line of health care, dealing with insurance, increasing regulations and prohibitive government. Lee’s health care experience uniquely qualifies him to provide long-term solutions to the problems plaguing our system—rather than the simple ”bandage” being offered right now.  Lee understands how dangerous ObamaCare is to America and how national health care will be a national nightmare. 

Among the solutions Lee recommends, he will work to expand health savings accounts, reintroduce competition and provide tax credits for personal insurance.

As the only health care provider asking for your vote, Lee Hawkins stands alone as the real warrior to stop ObamaCare.


Too often, politicians tell voters they support the Fair Tax and then refuse to force a legislative vote on the issue.   Lee support’s Congressman John Linder’s Fair Tax plan and will work to stop the Federal Government’s intrusive practice of confiscating vast amounts of our income. As a Georgia Senator, Lee voted twice to support the Fair Tax.  In fact, Lee Hawkins is the only candidate for Congress who has actually voted to support the Fair Tax.

Second Amendment

As a hunter, fisher and sportsman, Lee is a strong believer in our Second Amendment Right to bear arms.  Lee is a member of the National Rife Association and was endorsed by the NRA during his Senate campaign.


Almost a year after Lee began serving in the Senate, Georgia faced one of the worst water shortages in its history. With a rain deficit 18 inches below average, Lake Lanier, the source of drinking water for three million people and a thriving economic engine, was in jeopardy of dropping below the pipe intake.  

As the Senator from Hall County, one of the counties serving as the shoreline for Lanier, Lee took action and stood up to government bureaucrats in Washington.  

Lee authored and worked to pass legislation aimed at raising the level of Lake Lanier two feet—in effect creating a reservoir without any cost to taxpayers. This is the type of common sense solution we need in Washington.

Once elected, Lee will continue his legacy of fighting for Georgia’s rights to Lake Lanier.

balanced budget

Lee was the first candidate to call for passing a Constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget.  For too long, Washington has sold out America and the practice of tax and spend must end. As a fiscal conservative, Lee believes requiring a balanced budget is the only way to stop runaway deficits and uncontrolled federal spending.  It is time to tell the lobbyists, special interests and Washington that we are not for sale—and Lee Hawkins is ready to do just that! 


Lee believes that life starts at conception and ends at natural death.  He opposes abortion and will work to protect innocent life.  Lee opposes our tax dollars being used to pay for abortions.  During his campaign for Senate, Georgia Right to Life endorsed Lee and he pledges to continue working to advance the pro-life movement once he is elected to Congress.