“Lee attended a rally for….”

Dr. John Raber, Lumpkin County, GA., Republican Commission Chair


It is my intent with this letter to set the record straight about some seriously false statements being made about a very honest and truthful person that I respect.

The gossip/unfounded rumors/false aspersions are that State Senator Lee Hawkins is a friend of and has been on stage with  President Obama and V.P. Biden. The basis for this gossip/rumors/aspersions is that since Lee Hawkins attended the award ceremony for the multicounty fiber optics award, it only stands to reason that the friendship between the three must automatically be true.

FACT. The ceremony was a Republican rally if anything. As Republican Lumpkin County Commission Chair I invited a lot of people, including conservative Republican Senator Lee Hawkins as Chairman of State and Local Government, to attend the awarding of the fiber optics grant ceremony. Republican Governor Sonny Purdue, Republican Commission Chairmen, Commission members and County Economic Development officials for the eight counties – White, Lumpkin, Pickens and others- were also in attendance. After all, these eight counties, the local EMC and the State of Georgia had all raised money in order to qualify for the matching funds in this grant.

Receiving this 40+ million $$ fiber optics grant is fantastic for all of the citizens of the eight county area. The potential for high tech jobs and prosperity is limitless. I, for one, am not an Obama/Biden supporter and neither is Lee Hawkins, but we both love and care for the people who we serve. Lee Hawkins, upon my request, attended that ceremony to help and support every citizen of our North Georgia area. Take Lee Hawkins attendance as courtesy to me and the great citizens of North Georgia. Anything else is gossip/unfounded rumors/ and false aspersions.


Dr. John Raber

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