Constitutional Conservative

Lee is a Constitutional Conservative.

Lee personally exemplifies and believes in the 4 tenets of the Constitutional Conservative:

  • Returning to a textual interpretation of the Constitution – It is not a living document. Lee believes the text of the Constitution is plain, and it means what it says. Federal power should be confined to what is specifically enumerated in the Constitution, and no more.
  • Fiscal responsibility – If you spend more than you take in, you are in trouble. Lee has balanced his business and family budget, never been sued or had a judgment against him, and has voted for state government to do the same. Americans for Prosperity has given him a 100% A rating.
  • Charity – it is not the role of government to take care of people. Each person has a responsibility to care for the less fortunate. Among other charities, Lee has donated his professional ability and cared for people in his office and at free clinics for many years.
  • Personal responsibility – Lee’s ethics are not under question. In fact, his integrity is recognized by the Christian Coalition with an A+ rating. His word is his bond.
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