Only A+ Rating

What does an A+ rating from the Christian Coalition mean?

It means that Lee Hawkins’ was researched, and his values and principles were found to be in the highest agreement with the positions of the Christian Coalition on promoting Christian values and family friendly policies.

The Christian Coalition is one of the largest conservative grassroots political organizations in America founded in 1989 by Pat Robertson. Their goal is to serve Christ and the citizens of this country by working to ensure that government serves to strengthen and preserve, rather than threaten, our families and our values. To that end, they work continuously to identify, educate and mobilize Christians for effective political action. They believe voting is the most foundational of all American institutions, that Our Founding Fathers believed strongly in the right of all Americans to participate in their government. They are committed to educating voters, and to seeing the political tide of this nation continue to turn away from liberalism and toward traditional family values in legislatures all across the land.

A number of specific issues for which Lee Hawkins received the A+ rating from the Christian Coalition are: protecting life, returning education to the family, protecting from gambling, protecting from pornography, strengthening the family, defending traditional marriage, easing taxes for families, and protecting religious freedom.

These positions (as excerpted from – the Christian Coalition of Georgia’s website) are as follows:

Our position on protecting life:

Based on both Scripture and medical evidence, we believe that life begins at conception. An unborn child has inherent value that cannot be diminished due to physical characteristics or by the will of another individual. Although legal in the United States, we believe abortion is no less than the murder of an innocent human life.

Our position on education:

We believe that education is one of the most important methods for investing in Georgia’s future. While public education is important, there are many other valid mediums for educating our children. Competition is good for any market and education is no different. Simply putting more money into the education budget is not the answer to more quality education. We support school vouchers, tax credits for home schooled children.

Our position on gambling:

Gambling has been demonstrated to be destructive to individual lives, families, businesses and society as a whole. Gambling preys upon our youth, the elderly, minorities and those with less education. Millions of Americans are problem or pathological gamblers, producing huge financial and social costs.

Our position on pornography:

Pornography in many forms has continued to grow in our communities. Studies show that pornography damages the family structure, and that it has made the human body an object rather than a respectable individual. We believe that pornography is immoral, and one of our purposes is to help protect families and children from being exposed to pornography.

Our position on the family:

The family is a vital component to a healthy society. The time honored tradition of a father and a mother bringing up their children with morality and godly principles is the key to our country’s continued success. This success is witnessed in the areas of continuing our freedom and spreading the good news of a Savior who paid the ultimate price for our sin.

Therefore, if public policy and opinion can strengthen the family our government and our country will continue to enjoy the freedoms given to us by our Founding Fathers, and the blessings given to us by our heavenly Father.

Our position on traditional marriage:

We believe that the two-parent family is the basic foundation of society. Marriage can only be valid between a man and a woman and should be a lifelong commitment. Sexual relations should be reserved for the marriage relationship and it is only in this relationship that sexual activity finds its intended purpose.

Our position on easing taxes:

We believe that taxes are a necessity of running government. Reason and scripture agree on this. This does not mean that government has the right to impose burdensome taxes on the citizenry. We support low taxes, good stewardship of public finances, small and limited government and a tax system that does not burden the families of Georgia and our nation.

Our position on religious freedoms:

We believe that the United States was founded on the belief that freedom was a gift from God and our rights come from God, not government. The First Amendment is clear that citizens have the right to practice religion without “prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

We also believe that the First Amendment prohibits government from establishing a national religion, but does not require the exclusion of religion from government.

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