About Lee


When Lee campaigned in 2006, he pledged to reduce the size of government while protecting our individual liberties and preserving our traditional north Georgia values. While in the Senate, Lee has stood by his pledge and he has been a strong voice for conservatives—rising above politics to take action and deliver results.

Lee’s fellow lawmakers have recognized his dedication to the people of Georgia and his ability to get things done. In fact, they have entrusted him with key legislative positions, including:

• Chairman, State and Local Governmental Operations
• Vice Chairman, Reapportionment and Redistricting
• Vice Chairman, MARTOC (MARTA Oversight Committee)
• Secretary, Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
• Health and Human Services
• Natural Resources and the Environment

During the past 31 years, Lee has cared for thousands of patients across north Georgia and he has been a leader in the medical community. Much like his fellow lawmakers, Lee’s peers in the medical community recognized his ability to lead and elected him to serve for five years as Treasurer of the Georgia Dental Association before electing him to the organization’s top post, President. In addition to serving as President of the GDA, Lee’s profession recognized him with the following honors: Honorable Fellow of the Georgia Dental Association, Northern District Dentist of the Year, the Emory Alumni Meritorious Service Award, and induction into the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, the Order of Saint John, the Georgia Academy of Dentistry, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy.


As a small business owner, a practicing dentist, a State Senator and a father, Lee has been tested on the issues that matter to north Georgia and he has achieved results.

Amidst uncertain economic times, our country needs a leader that understands what it takes to maintain a budget and to meet a payroll. Owning his own small business has equipped Lee with the knowledge and experience to tackle the tough problems in Washington. Much like he runs his own business, Lee will work to cut costs by reducing unnecessary spending and eliminating waste.

As a Dentist with more than 30 years of experience and as the former President of the Georgia Dental Association, Lee has been on the frontlines of the health care battle where he has worked tirelessly to fight for Georgians’ access to quality, affordable medical and dental care.

Lee’s health care experience uniquely qualifies him to provide long-term solutions to the problems plaguing our system—rather than the simple ”bandage” being offered right now.

As a Senator, Lee was faced with balancing our state’s budget during one of our country’s worst financial recessions. Rather than taxing Georgia’s families to bridge the gap, Lee worked to reduce Georgia’s budget by more than $2.5 billion – ensuring Georgians received the most value for each tax dollar. As a steward of taxpayer money, Lee reigned in government spending while protecting the quality of life for all Georgians.


As a lifetime resident of north Georgia, Lee understands the challenges and opportunities facing our community. As the proud father of seven children, Lee understands the values that are important to north Georgia–the values of faith, family, freedom and life. Lee has represented those values in the State Senate, and, now he is ready to represent you in Washington.

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