Lee’s stand against Obamacare.

Lee Opposes Obamacare.

Georgia deserves a leader who does more than just promise to fix health care. As a practicing dentist for more than 30 years, Lee is the only candidate who has been on the front line of health care, dealing with insurance, increasing regulations and prohibitive government. Lee’s health care experience uniquely qualifies him to provide long-term solutions to the problems plaguing our system—rather than the simple ”bandage” being offered right now. Lee understands how dangerous ObamaCare is to America and how national health care will be a national nightmare.

Currently, 50 cents out of every health care dollar in the U.S. is spent for a government health care program: Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, and state and public health care programs. The result of so much government control is that health care is one of the most highly regulated sectors of the American economy. Government financing means government control, and government control means less personal freedom.

Lee believes in patient centered health care reform. His objective is to maximize value for individuals and families so they receive more benefit and better results. Regulations at the federal and state level must change to enable individuals and families to own and control their own health care policies and to take them from job to job without tax or regulatory penalties. He would also change the health care financing to create new opportunities for individuals and families so they control the flow of dollars into the system.

Lee supports health care reforms that comply with the following principles:

  • (1) Individuals should be the key decision makers for their health insurance.
  • (2) Individuals should be able to purchase and own their health insurance.
  • (3) Individuals should be able to choose their own coverage, and should have access to a wide range of choices.
  • (4) Price and coverage of policies should be transparent.
  • (5) Individuals should have the ability periodically to change their policies.

Lee’s fight against Obamacare is nothing new. As a Georgia State Senator he sponsored legislation in 2010 to stop Obamacare in our state.

SR 829. Attorney General, urged to begin preparations to challenge the constitutionality of H.R. 3590 (Obama Healthcare Reform) By: Senators Hill of the 32nd, Shafer of the 48th, Hawkins of the 49th, Carter of the 1st, Grant of the 25th and others.

SR 830. Attorney General, urged to prepare to challenge H.R. 3590. By Senators Hill of the 32nd, Schafer of the 48th, Hawkins of the 49th, Carter of the 1st, Grant of the 25th and others. View more of SR 830 here

SB 399. State Government; no department/agency shall implement any provision of federal health care reform legislation. By: Senators Hill of the 32nd, Rogers of the 21st, Wiles of the 37th, Schafer of the 48th, Butterworth of the 50th, Hawkins of the 49th. View more of SB 399 here.

SB 317. Health; provide that no law shall compel any person to participate in any health care system; authorize to pay directly without penalties/fines. By: Hill, Schafer, Rogers, Williams, Hill, Pearson,…Hawkins of the 49th. View more of SB 317 here

As the only health care provider asking for your vote, Dr. Lee Hawkins stands alone as the real warrior to stop Obamacare.

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