What is different about the 4th Election?

Posted August 6th, 2010 by: editor

We have had a number of different reporters ask this week, “What’s different about this, fourth, election?”

It has been a busy, exciting, fast-paced, game changing couple of weeks on the campaign trail and we can tell you what is different.

What’s different is that voters are getting the message that Lee Hawkins is the true conservative, family values, problem-solver they have been clamoring for. His A+ rating by the Christian Coalition validates his integrity and it speaks volumes that our opponent does not even have a rating. The media is noticing. Supporters of other candidates are noticing. Even some of Mr. Graves’ own supporters are noticing.

Check out this great segment that aired on WSBTV, Channel 2 Wednesday night:

WSBTV Report

Thanks to your continued support, we are on the air with television commercials that point out the truth about the differences between the two candidates.

Lee Hawkins for Congress Television Commercial

Lee Hawkins for Congress Second Commercial

Mr. Graves has continued to gloss over the allegations of fraud filed against him by the Bartow County Bank, calling them a “business dispute”. He has cast votes in Washington against banning the interstate sale of videos depicting the crushing of kittens, puppies and bunnies for sexual stimulation and against giving youth-serving organizations access to a nationwide criminal background check to prevent sex offenders, murderers and others from being hired to work with our children. His moral compass is not pointing in the same direction as the people of North Georgia.

The past two weeks have been electrifying and energizing but we need your help and support one more time. Tell all your friends, family and everyone you know why Lee Hawkins is your choice in the 9th District Congressional Race and then encourage them to vote.

Vote for experience.
Vote for dedication.
Vote for integrity.
Vote for Lee Hawkins on Tuesday, August 10.

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What is different about the 4th Election?
Posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010 by editor.
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