The Truth Revealed

Posted July 27th, 2010 by: editor

Why Does Tom Graves Continue to use the same tired negative attacks on Lee Hawkins?

FACT: Tom has accepted Stimulus Funds for his own business.
Source: AJC Article

FACT: Tom is being sued for FRAUD by Bartow County Bank.
Source: A. WSBTV Video
Source: B. Lawsuit Documents

FACT: The Christian Coalition has not rated Tom. Their rating is based on Integrity, Ethics, and Family Values.

FACT: Tom is Insolvent and is running to have a Job, not to do a job.
Source: Lawsuit Documents

FACT: The largest contributer to Tom’s campaign is a Special Interest Group called Club for Growth.

FACT: Tom has lied on several occasions by stating that he traveled cross-country with John Linder in support of the FairTax. This is not true. After hearing this, Congressman Lender released the following statement.
“If a candidate is willing to lie to you to get elected what will you expect from him after he’s elected? Today I ask you to vote for Lee Hawkins.”
Source: Congressman Linder’s Recording

These are not the actions you would expect from a “REAL” conservative.

What you do in life speaks much louder than what you say.

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The Truth Revealed
Posted on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 by editor.
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