He has new ideas to grow Blue Ridge…..

Posted June 22nd, 2010 by: sharonhawkins

Like a lot of people in Blue Ridge, I moved here because it is beautiful here in the mountains and the community is full of friendly, involved people. I’ve watched this little town grow and been a part helping it develop through being active in the world of real estate.I want to see it continue to grow and for that to happen we must elect the right people to represent us in Washington and in Atlanta. Right now, that right person to represent us in Washington is Lee Hawkins.

Lee and I were born the same year and raised in the same hometown.  I have total trust in him. I can attest that he is, and always has been, a man of principle. Lee is one of those special people that can relate to each of us. That is a man who will rise above politics to fight for what’s best for all North Georgians.

Lee Hawkins strongly believes in helping the economic development of areas, such as Blue Ridge.  Lee will work to stimulate the economy and help bring in new businesses. His hopes are to help areas develop plans to use their own resources to develop new businesses.

Lee’s vision for Blue Ridge recognizes the tourist appeal of its mountain beauty and has a strong base in his love for agriculture and gardening. He sees farms, farmers’ markets, grocers and restaurants all working together to produce and utilize locally grown products and to integrate healthy, sustainable locally grown food into the lives of Georgians. This would not only stimulate the economy of Blue Ridge, but oil consumption would fall by 1.1 million barrels each week….if everyone ate just one meal per week of locally grown food.

Lee also knows that Whole Foods Markets makes loans to local producers in an effort to expand the availability of quality local foods for customers. That would be private dollars coming in to support new business in our community, and new business in our community that would attract new tourists. That is real job creation…and we need jobs in our area, both for teenagers and adults, as well as college graduates.

Please take time to ask Senator Hawkins your questions. You will find an experienced, knowledgeable, principled and conservative man. . .a man that will take care of North Georgians.

Carolyn L. Smith, Blue Ridge

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He has new ideas to grow Blue Ridge…..
Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 by sharonhawkins.
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