Getting my folks back to work on the Lake…..

Posted June 22nd, 2010 by: sharonhawkins

Whether it is for fun or for business, fishing ,boating or building, there is nothing that I enjoy more than being around the water…..especially Lake Lanier. I’ve lived close to the Lake all my life, and I have owned and operated a small business in Gainesville, Georgia,  for the past 10 years that is centered around the Lake. My business…. Boat Dock Works …..specializes in dock construction and shoreline restoration.  Times have been tough in the past few years. First came the worst drought in recorded memory, and then the terrible economic downturn with the housing market slump.  My business already had plenty of obstacles without any added problems from regulatory agencies.

Last year, however, we were unable to get permitted by The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for certain parts of our shoreline business. I had called their office, but was unable to get anyone to talk to me or to get any answer as to what was causing this problem. This was more than just inconvenient. It was making any projects involving shoreline restoration with rip rap impossible to complete.

Because I knew Lee Hawkins was such an advocate for the future of Lake Lanier and our natural resources, I spoke with him about this problem. Lee took the time and visited with the local U.S.A.C.E officials to find out exactly what the problem was, and to discuss what could be done to remedy the failure to issue permits. When faced with a problem, Lee looks for solutions. Within 30 days I was receiving permits for shoreline work and got my guys back to work.

Thanks Lee.

Brad D. Wiegand

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Getting my folks back to work on the Lake…..
Posted on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 by sharonhawkins.
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