Lee Hawkins - Republican for Congress http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com Lee Hawkins for Congress Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:27:56 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.9.2 en hourly 1 Thank you! http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=963 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=963#comments Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:19:47 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=963 Dear Friends,

Thank you.

I decided to run for Congress to revive the American dream, renew the American spirit and restore the flame of liberty across this “one nation, under God.” Like you, I know socialized health care needs to be stopped; our tax system needs to be reformed; our money belongs at home, with us; and we need a Congressman that listens to us rather than lobbyists.

Last night’s results are not what we had hoped for when we embarked on this journey more than a year ago but the people of the 9th District have spoken.

Thank you for your support, your prayers and your votes. I am honored and humbled by the way I have been lifted up and given your trust during this campaign and I will never forget the experience.

While I may not be going to serve you in Congress, I will continue to work for the Conservative values and solutions that are important, not just to the people of the 9th District but also the American people. I will continue to speak out against the unconstitutional and economy-damaging health care package. I will continue to add my voice to the growing numbers of people who see that the Fair Tax is the best answer for reforming our tax system. Most of all, I will continue to be a force in my community and the 9th District for solid, Republican solutions to the enormous challenges our nation faces today.

As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Thank you for all that you have done. I cannot express my sincere thanks for all the work you have done on my behalf. I pledge to continue the fight for Conservatism in all levels of government. I hope that you will join me.




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What is different about the 4th Election? http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=953 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=953#comments Fri, 06 Aug 2010 13:33:58 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=953 We have had a number of different reporters ask this week, “What’s different about this, fourth, election?”

It has been a busy, exciting, fast-paced, game changing couple of weeks on the campaign trail and we can tell you what is different.

What’s different is that voters are getting the message that Lee Hawkins is the true conservative, family values, problem-solver they have been clamoring for. His A+ rating by the Christian Coalition validates his integrity and it speaks volumes that our opponent does not even have a rating. The media is noticing. Supporters of other candidates are noticing. Even some of Mr. Graves’ own supporters are noticing.

Check out this great segment that aired on WSBTV, Channel 2 Wednesday night:

WSBTV Report

Thanks to your continued support, we are on the air with television commercials that point out the truth about the differences between the two candidates.

Lee Hawkins for Congress Television Commercial

Lee Hawkins for Congress Second Commercial

Mr. Graves has continued to gloss over the allegations of fraud filed against him by the Bartow County Bank, calling them a “business dispute”. He has cast votes in Washington against banning the interstate sale of videos depicting the crushing of kittens, puppies and bunnies for sexual stimulation and against giving youth-serving organizations access to a nationwide criminal background check to prevent sex offenders, murderers and others from being hired to work with our children. His moral compass is not pointing in the same direction as the people of North Georgia.

The past two weeks have been electrifying and energizing but we need your help and support one more time. Tell all your friends, family and everyone you know why Lee Hawkins is your choice in the 9th District Congressional Race and then encourage them to vote.

Vote for experience.
Vote for dedication.
Vote for integrity.
Vote for Lee Hawkins on Tuesday, August 10.


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Hawkins opposes crush videos… http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=922 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=922#comments Thu, 29 Jul 2010 14:05:48 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=922

Tom Graves recently voted against the ban of interstate commerce of sexually explicit animal crush videos.

He was one of only three (3) that voted against H.R.5566 (Prevention of Interstate Commerce in Animal Crush Videos Act of 2010) which prohibits knowingly and for the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain selling or distributing an animal crush video in interstate or foreign commerce. These videos show the grotesque act of women in stylish footwear intimidating and eventually crushing and killing innocent kittens, puppies and rabbits for the express purpose of satisfying perverted sexual fetishes. Graves has stated that this ban is unconstitutional and Congress does not have the authority to ban these socially unacceptable videos because it does not fall within the constitutionally limited role of the federal government. My opponent could not be more wrong on this issue.

Congress IS granted the power to regulate this. The power to regulate interstate commerce is clearly granted to Congress by Article 1.Section 8. Clause 3:
Article 1, Section. 8. Clause 3.To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

Profit is the main motivation behind this perverted abuse and only Congress can criminalize the sale of these videos between the states and from foreign nations. This is the same section of the Constitution which allows us, in the same manner, to prohibit the interstate sale and distribution of child pornography. Would Graves support a repeal of the federal law prohibiting child pornography? If he follows the same logic he used in voting “NO” for the Crush Video ban then he would have to say “yes.”

I believe common sense and good Christian principles, along with a clear understanding of the Constitution, only leads to one conclusion: both of these practices should remain banned and, unlike Tom, I would have voted “YES” to ban the interstate sale of these videos.

H.R. 5566 is not an example of a run away federal power grab like OBAMACARE or the stimulus bills. A common sense, Christian, conservative can quickly see where companies that profit from this disgusting enterprise cross from one section of the country to another, and that only a national crime effort can help curtail this problem. Animal Crush videos are not going to be produced and sold in Blairsville or Gainesville, GA. They will be produced, along with child pornography, in places like California and China, and then sold in other parts of the country. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with on a national level.

This was not a difficult vote. Tom Graves was one of only three “no” votes with 99% of Congress supporting it. That means that conservative Republicans voted en masse to support H.R. 5566. Graves’ vote shows not only that he is out of touch with North Georgia on this issue, but also our Christian values that make this district a great place to live.


Lee Hawkins
Candidate for Congress


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Tom Graves – Loser of the Week http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=930 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=930#comments Wed, 28 Jul 2010 20:16:51 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=930 View the video of Jim Galloway’s comments about Tom Graves from the Georgia Gang.

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Integrity is the issue http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=941 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=941#comments Tue, 27 Jul 2010 20:30:26 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=941 Integrity is the issue – Conservative Lee Hawkins- see the newest commercial!


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The Truth Revealed http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=859 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=859#comments Tue, 27 Jul 2010 17:31:47 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=859

Why Does Tom Graves Continue to use the same tired negative attacks on Lee Hawkins?

FACT: Tom has accepted Stimulus Funds for his own business.
Source: AJC Article

FACT: Tom is being sued for FRAUD by Bartow County Bank.
Source: A. WSBTV Video
Source: B. Lawsuit Documents

FACT: The Christian Coalition has not rated Tom. Their rating is based on Integrity, Ethics, and Family Values.

FACT: Tom is Insolvent and is running to have a Job, not to do a job.
Source: Lawsuit Documents

FACT: The largest contributer to Tom’s campaign is a Special Interest Group called Club for Growth.

FACT: Tom has lied on several occasions by stating that he traveled cross-country with John Linder in support of the FairTax. This is not true. After hearing this, Congressman Lender released the following statement.
“If a candidate is willing to lie to you to get elected what will you expect from him after he’s elected? Today I ask you to vote for Lee Hawkins.”
Source: Congressman Linder’s Recording

These are not the actions you would expect from a “REAL” conservative.

What you do in life speaks much louder than what you say.


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Hawkins for family values http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=892 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=892#comments Tue, 27 Jul 2010 11:00:24 +0000 sharonhawkins http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=892 (Gainesville) Tom Graves this week cast one of only three votes against stopping the sale of so-called “crush videos”- pornographic productions involving animal cruelty and mutilation for the purpose of sexual perversion.

Graves voted “no” to the Prevention of Interstate Commerce in Animal Crush Videos Act of 2010, which would stop sales of “video depictions of drowning, impaling, burning and crushing of animals.”

Republican Lee Hawkins said he is amazed that Graves would decline to side with an overwhelming majority of his colleagues and support decency and family values to end the shocking, pornographic sales.

“There are more reasons to make a stand against this type of practice than there are to ever allow it to continue,” Hawkins said.  “I believe the people of North Georgia would loudly voice their support for banning pornographic videos showing animals being trampled to death.”

Hawkins said that if he were in Congress, his name would have appeared in the “yes” column in passing the proposed House legislation.

“There is a very small and disturbing market in this country for these perverse videos, and the right thing to do is end access to these materials,” Hawkins added.  “I support this effort to bring closure to the ‘crush video’ genre once and for all.”

Hawkins name will appear on Republican ballots during the Congressional runoff election on Aug. 10.  He is the only candidate to receive an “A+” rating from the Christian Coalition.


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Watch the Primary Election Run-off Debate http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=913 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=913#comments Mon, 26 Jul 2010 20:00:23 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=913 Watch the Primary Election Run-off Debate on GPB!


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Watch the Debate from GPB http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=887 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=887#comments Mon, 26 Jul 2010 00:52:13 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=887 Watch the Primary 2010 debate from the Lawmaker’s Series on GPB.


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Thank you! http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=479 http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=479#comments Tue, 20 Jul 2010 21:04:19 +0000 editor http://www.leehawkinsforcongress.com/?p=479 Thank you to all our supporters! We gained a great deal of momentum and are looking forward to the August 10th Run-off.

Please VOTE EARLY and on August 10th for Lee Hawkins!


Every vote counts, please help us to spread the message. We appreciate your support.

If you can’t vote early or on August 10th, you can still vote via ABSENTEE BALLOT.

You can download an absentee ballot here

Have questions on where you can vote early or need assistance with an absentee ballot? You can email Ivory Chafin from the Hawkins campaign at vote@ivorychafin.com or call 678-858-0370 for personal assistance.


Registrar’s Office, go to Catoosa Hall
7658 Nashville Street, Ringgold, GA 30736-2031
Call: (706) 935-3990
Fax: (706) 935-2538
Hours: 8am-5pm
Website: http://www.catoosa.com/depts/elections/index.html

Dade County Administration Building
71 Case Avenue, Trenton, GA 30752-0152
Call: (706) 657-8170
Fax: (706) 657-2048
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm. Closed from 12-1 for lunch.

Board of Elections Office on Academy
96 Academy Avenue, Dawsonville, GA 30534-0436
Call: (706) 344-3640
Fax: (706) 344-3642
Hours: 8am to 5pm
Website: http://www.dawsoncounty.org/

400 West Main Street, Suite 301, Blue Ridge, GA 30513-8593
Call: (706) 632-7740
Fax: (706) 258-5164
Hours: 9am-4pm
Website: http://www.fannincountyga.org/

Voter Registrations and Elections Office
Forsyth County Administration Building
110 East Main Street, Suite 200, Cumming, GA 30040-2468
Call: (770) 781-2118
Fax: (770) 886 -2825
Hours: 8am to 4:30 pm
Website: http://www.forsythco.com/DeptPage.asp?DeptID=27&PageID=1337

Forsyth County Public Safety Complex
3520 Settingdown Road, Cumming, GA 30028
Hours: 8am to 7pm

Midway Park
5100 Post Road, Cumming, GA 30040
Hours: 8am to 7pm

Cumming Public Library
585 Dahlonega Highway, Cumming, GA 30040
Hours: 8am to 7pm


Forsyth County Property known as Lakeland Community Church
2110 Sharon Road, Cumming, GA 30041
Hours: 8am to 7pm

Voter Registration Office (small porch, not the large porch)
1 Broad Street, Ellijay, GA 30540
Telephone: (706) 635-4617
Fax: (706) 635 -4647
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm

Gordon County Board of Elections and Voter Registration Office
In the Gordon County Annex Building
101 Piedmont Street, Calhoun, Ga 30701
Call: (706) 629-7781
Fax: (706) 629-7198
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm
Website: www.gordoncounty.org/Home.aspx

2285 Browns Bridge Road, Suite 2,
Post Office Drawer 1435
Gainesville, GA 30501-4733
Call: (770) 531-6945
Fax: (770) 531-3931
Hours: 8am to 5pm
Website: www.hallcounty.org/judicial/jud_elections.asp

Parks and Recreation
365 Riley Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533
Call: (706) 864-6279
Fax: (706) 864-0731
Hours: 8am to 5pm
Website: www.lumpkincounty.gov/index.php?go=departments&dep

Courthouse Annex
121 North 4th Avenue, Chatsworth, GA
Call: (706) 517-1400
Email: vote1@windstream.net
Hours: 8am to 5pm

Pickens County Government Administration Building
1266 East Church Street, Suite 165, Jasper, GA 30143-1598
Call: (706) 253-8781
Fax: (706) 253-8782
Email: jroberts@pickenscountyga.gov
Hours: 8am to 5pm
Website: http://pickenscountyga.gov/government/

Union County Courthouse
65 Courthouse Street, Suite 9, Blairsville, GA 30512
Call: (706) 439-6016
Fax: (706) 439-6015
Hours: 8am to 5pm
Website: http://www.unioncountyga.gov/voterregistration.htm

Walker County Courthouse
103 South Duke Street, Room 110, LaFayette, GA 30728-1105
Call: (706) 638-4349
Fax: (706) 639-3346
Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Website: http://www.walkercountyelections.com/early_advanced_votin.html

White County Courthouse (go to the tag office)
59 South Main Street Suite C, Cleveland, GA 30528
Call: (706) 865-7812
Fax: (706) 219-1512
Hours: 8am to 4:30pm
Website: http://www.whitecounty.net/probate/pro_elect.htm

205 North Selvidge Street, Suite K, Dalton, GA 30720
Call: (706) 278-7183
Fax: (706) 226-0792
Hours: 8am to 5pm
Website: www.whitfieldcountyga.com


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